The Client Notes field is designed to be high-level notes about the client.

For example, the client's preferred meeting time or special circumstances regarding scheduling or payment. You may also want to note, for example, if the client's husband is out of town for an extended period of time (i.e. deployed with the military). Think of this field as anything you would need to quickly know about the client when you take a phone call or see them in your office (that doesn't have another place in the Client Details).

Also see Client Journal


IMPORTANT: Client Notes should NOT be used for:

  • Identifying Personal Health Information (PHI; i.e. names, contact info, birthdates). These fields are not encrypted in the database.
  • Any documentation that should subsist in the Follow-Up Form. FCPro does not take the place of the Follow-Up Form. Complete documentation of client management should remain in the Follow-Up Form.