1. Tools Needed:

    • Info Cards
    • Follow up Forms
    • General Intake Form
    • Google contacts (or other digital contact info storage. Otherwise, you can get this info from the Follow Up Form)
  2. Steps:

    1. Using the Info card fill in the basic client information (upper portion of the Client Detail page)
    2. Personal Info tab: cut and past this info from your Contact record (i.e. Google Contacts)
    3. Medical History tab: Complete the Medical History using the General Intake Form
    4. SAVE
    5. Appointments tab and then Edit. Input all of the appointments from the Follow up Form
    6. Finally input any Extra Chart Reviews or Pregnancy Evaluations in the Appointments Tab.
    7. Make a note (or journal entry) for Pregnancy Evaluations of (Category, ETA and outcome and date of Arrival )
    8. SAVE
    9. DONE!